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- 21g of protein per 2.6oz bag
- Big flavor
- 4 different varieties
- $2.99/bag (depends on purchase quantity)
- http://www.meatchips.com

My Take:
I’m all about sports nutrition and general healthy eating, but I also enjoy a good steak or some BBQ. Obviously I like meat, but even though I’m a steak guy, it doesn’t mean I want meat with everything I consume. And a lot of you are like that too I’m sure- if only you could get the benefits of protein and iron without having to slobber down a rump roast with your bowl of Froot Loops. With that said, Meat Chips has apparently set out to appeal to exactly this type of individual by blending the protein benefits of meat and combining them with the ever-classic snacky-ness of tortilla chips.

Each bag (1 bag = 1 serving) contains 21 grams of protein, 360 calories, 16g of total fat, 70mg of cholesterol, 540mg of sodium, and 31g of total carbs; so as you can see, they’re not exactly ‘lightweight.’ They are gluten and nut free, and include expeller pressed sun flower oil.

Now that you have the hard facts out of the way, I’m sure you want to know the really interesting stuff like what they taste like. When I taste food or beverages for the first time, I try to take my time to look, feel, and smell the item before I indulge; this time was no different. The first flavor I tried was the Nacho, and as you’d imagine, the chips look very much like your standard nacho chip, and feel like them too. They crack in half with the same consistency, and they smell like you’d expect a ranch flavored chip to smell. There is however a little difference there, you can smell something slightly ‘meaty’. Upon the first bite, I could taste the nacho flavor, but there was a hint of chicken breast. I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about that hint; it wasn’t overbearing or offensive, but more like it was just sitting there on your tongue waving hello.

I ate some more and the flavor was a bit stronger; I think this may have been from the fact that I was paying attention to it now; seeking it out even. I noticed the same was the case when tasting the other flavors; you could taste their respective package flavors, but the chicken flavor was there as well. I wouldn’t call this a bad thing, it IS called a “Meat Chip” after all. I let some work buddies try the Ranch flavor, and they had a bit stronger of a feeling about the presence of the underlying chicken flavor. Apparently Doritos are more suited to their discriminatory pallets.


Final Thoughts:
Ultimately, whether or not you’re going to enjoy the Meat Chip is entirely dependent upon your feeling toward an underlying chicken smoke presence. Like I said above, they weren’t gross by any means, but as for me, a chicken flavor just isn’t something I’m personally looking for when I eat a chip. Of course, the more carnivorously inclined among us may appreciate the feathered-friend tongue tingling more than I.

Interestingly, they seem to be marketing their products as chips that simply have a lot of protein. When I think of a product having a lot of protein, I think it’s a protein bar or health product but suppose the fat and calorie content in these could be enough to convince some individuals that these don’t belong in the performance enhancement section either. As long as you’re aware of the nutritional facts and seek out the flavors found in the Meat Chips, you will most likely enjoy them. Anyone else will probably want to get a bag of scoops and chop up some roasted chicken into a bowl of salsa.